Applied Weekly.

This podcast is no longer in production.

10: Independent Podcasts

Published 15 May 2015 • 29 minutes, 51 seconds

Jelly and Russell are unexpectedly joined by a mysterious guest. Having established that he has the power to just drop into podcasts at will, they decide to go with it and explore the seedy world of Independent Podcasting. What they learn is both equal parts disturbing and intriguing.

9: Motivation

Published 8 May 2015 • 26 minutes, 37 seconds

Finding the wherewithal to get off of the couch can take some effort, but never fear! Russell and Jelly discuss what it takes to get motivated to do things… and complete them probably. After a good nap, of course.

8: Employment

Published 1 May 2015 • 25 minutes, 54 seconds

Jelly’s quit his day job, so he and Russell talk about different kinds of work: working for an employer, freelancing, and creating your own products. Having done all three between them, they talk lessons learned, pros and cons, and try and figure out what the best approach for each option is.

7: Clickbait

Published 24 April 2015 • 28 minutes, 31 seconds

After Jelly discovers that MSN still exists, he and Rusty find themselves sucked down a rabbit hole of sensationalist headlines. In an effort to understand humanity’s need for entertainment, they sacrifice their browser history and attempt to understand why clickbait headlines exist. The things they discover will shock and surprise you!

6: Minimum Viable Product

Published 17 April 2015 • 26 minutes, 31 seconds

At a listener’s request, Jelly and Russell tackle the concept of a minimum viable product and the process they go through when deciding on features that go into their respective apps. Along the way, they discuss the concept of feature regret, and whether the concept of an “opinionated app” is a good thing or a bad thing.

5: Criticism

Published 10 April 2015 • 17 minutes, 21 seconds

Nobody is perfect, especially Jelly, who has recently received some criticism through the internet. This lead to some reflection on how one deals with negative feedback, both constructive and not-so-constructive, and how to make it so you don’t feel quite so sad afterwards.

4: Galaxy S

Published 3 April 2015 • 24 minutes, 26 seconds

Samsung cops a lot of flak for cloning Apple devices, which is something Russell doesn’t think they deserve any more. In fact, he’s convinced that they actually made the right business move to duplicate the iPhone when building the Galaxy S.

3: Shower Thoughts

Published 27 March 2015 • 16 minutes, 41 seconds

Russell’s favourite place for thinking through the problems he faces is the shower (don’t worry, he wears a tuxedo), so he and Jelly talk about their favourite ways to solve problems with down time, whether by showering, walking or building Lego.

2: Nicknames

Published 20 March 2015 • 18 minutes, 30 seconds

If anything is certain, it’s that Jelly has a really odd nickname. He also has some pretty specific ideas about how others should refer to him, so he and Russell discuss the origin of their online handles, the names they prefer other people call them by, and why Jelly should have taken his wife’s name when he got married.

1: Watch

Published 13 March 2015 • 30 minutes, 17 seconds

Sure, Apple now have a $10,000 watch which is made out of a special gold, but is this the beginning of an Apple which no longer produces things that we care about? Russell certainly thinks so.